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July 3rdairline disaster on dvd

4th of Julyg.i. joe!  we’re saving red dawn for the release of the remake

July 10thThe Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak

July 17thGymkata

July 24th – before being accussed of being a russian spy, angelina jolie was also wrongly accussed of being a seattle tv reporter in life or something like it / ghost rider: the extended cut, which is 15 minutes longer than what you saw in theatres

July 31st –  the original dinner for schmucks The Dinner Game / operation endgame on dvd.

August 7thlethal weapon / 4 south park episodes:  s8e5 “you got f’d in the a, s13e13 “dances with smurfs, s14e4 “you have 0 friends, s14e2 “the tale of scrotie mcboogerballs. kick-ass? don’t you forget about me (r.i.p.  john hughes) if available? / with another step up (in 3d!) opening, body rock starring lorenzo “renegade” lamas?  blame it on the lambada?  lambadalambada:  the forbidden danceheavenly bodiesflashdance?  or the classic showgirls?

August 14th – with the expendables opening, there are just way too many to choose from. rocky iv is one of the few co-starring two or more of the expendables, unless you count the one or war.  there are also other men-on-mission flicks such as inglorious bastards, which works well since inglourious basterds came out about a year ago.

August 21st – with piranha 3d opening:  piranha (directed by joe dante and written by john sayles)? / mega piranha (another asylum/original syfy channel classic).  cemetary junction (ricky gervais/stephen merchant), burning bright on dvd.  and with miramax dumping the switch starring jason bateman and jennifer aniston, extract, another miramax late august dump also starring bateman, directed by mike judge, whose idiocracy was also dumped (by fox, home of king of the hill and office space) in late august early september in 2006. extract also stars ben affleck, whose second movie as a director, the town, will be opening soon.

August 28th – with titanic 2 on dvd and a longer avatar in theatres, piranha ii:  the spawning (directed by james cameron)?  avatar rifftraxsurvival of the dead on dvd.

September 4th – it’s labor day weekend.  traditionally a weak weekend at the movies where the likes of rob schneider, jean claude van damme,  rob schneider AND jean claude van damme, late period/pre-scary movie 3 leslie nielsen movies, and bad nicolas cage movies top the box office.

September 11thpersons unknown, solitary man on dvd.  resident evil 4 in theatres.

September 18th – it’s the last saturday before saturday night live returns.  macgruber?  prince of persia on dvd.

September 25th – birthday of john woo!!  we will also be having a mini hitchcock marathon to prepare for our spooktober free for all: rebecca, shadow of a doubt, strangers on a train, dial m for murder, psycho, the birds.

spooktoberfest – a month full of scary stuf

October 2ndspooktoberfest free for all kicks off with the documentary nightmares in red, white & bluesuck released on dvd / with the social network opening, pirates of silicon valley and maybe an aaron sorkin movie.

October 9thpig hunt

October 16thjonah hex, jaws in japan on dvd.  like jury duty, we’ll do some zombie movies starting with the original dawn of the dead, which surprisingly, none of us have seen.

October 23rddead snow

November 6th dolph! or m. night shyamalan’s the happening

November 13thtroll 2

December – christmasy theme things

December 9thbest worst movie

December 15thstar wars holiday special

December 31stcool as ice, a movie we didn’t get to last new years eve (we watched bloodrayne and sunday school musical instead).

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