A long time ago,
in the living room 2 feet away…
some might even argue that it was the year 2009–
A.D. … …

It started out as bad movie night among friends. Saturday was the night that seemed to work out best for everyone’s schedule, and after watching a few Bruce Lee movies, I stumbled upon the bruceploitation flick the dragon lives again—the one where Bruce Lee fights along with/against the Godfather, the Man with No Name, James Bond, Popeye, Emmanuelle, and others…



Obviously, it’s the kind of movie that demands to be seen in a group setting.  With friends gathered,  screening commenced, and 90 minutes of choreographed kicking, punching, and plot abominations ensued. we found ourselves left with an unsettling, but undeniable sense of guilty amusement.  We knew that it was bad on practically every level (except for the one marked unintentional hilarity), but that certainly didn’t stop us from watching it. Thus, the idea of a weekly bad movie night was born.

Every Saturday night since then, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sit through bad movie hopefuls, with mixed results. An insatiable desire to seek out and endure these atrocities expanded our search into the realm of “anything goes.”

And here we are. Yes, there will be reviews of bad movies (oh hi, tommy wiseau!), but with plenty of review sites focusing on bad movies, certain specific genres, or just movies in general, our focus will be on the bad, the over/underrated, the flops (deserved or not), the overlooked, the overexposed, the unpopular opinions, the direct-to-video/dvd/blockbuster/redbox, the hard-to-finds, the weird, and the unknowns.

And now, it’s time for us to play some tuxedo football.

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