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hulk poll (july 13, 2010)

The Break Up: My Dear George Letter to Star Wars

what we did and did not get to in 2010

5-10-15-20 (oscar 2011 edition)

july, 2011 theme: die hard on a blog

die hard-ish through history

book review: die hard: year one, vol. 1

site news: spooktoberfest ’11 / programming notes

links: horror sequels, part 2s’

list: 8 Horror Movies You Might Not Have Seen But Probably Should

snights of the round table #1: is horror a genre only fit for young filmmakers?

links: justice review by she reviews flicks

snights of the round table #2: cultural vegetables and blogging

the december project: the decalogue

flashback: my 1996 review of mission: impossible: 1

list: noflix – 10 unwatchables by associations (jan. 2012 edition)

list: lifetime pass – woody allen

5-10-15-20 (oscar 2012 edition)

perception: you say deckard, i say dick art

programming note: you know what i’ll do this summer

book review: a horrible experience of unbearable length by roger ebert

programming note: july 2012 – die hard-ish 2: die harder-ish


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