Posted by: playingthedevil | April 1, 2012

perception: you say deckard, i say dick art

i ignored the total recall 2012 trailer as i do with all trailers that set the internet abuzzed. it seems pointless to me that various teasers, trailers, new pictures, teasers to the trailers, trailers to the teasers actually get people excited. some even paste, repost, and masquerade such “event” as news. but hey, more power to them, since these useless posts give them more clicks and visitors. for those of us who are not in the popularity contest, there’s really no need to look at the trailer. they may be coy now, but come friday august 3rd, or midnight august 2nd, and the week before, the hollywood machine will happily jam it down your throat and eyes clockwork orange style to make sure that you know the movie is opening.

what caught my eyes though, is total recall 2012‘s poster. i know it’s a remake and based on a philip k dick short story but there is something very familiar about the poster.

and then i realized, looking at a few posts back, it’s the puzzle pieces from another dickdaptation:

or other dick-ish scifi movies:

or not scifi at all:

what’s wrong with your face

tv screens

or photographs

or just squares and rectangles

and of course, bullets

i’m sure there are a lot more out there that i didn’t think of. add your own in the comment section.

source code
lord of war


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