Posted by: playingthedevil | February 20, 2012

list: lifetime pass – woody allen

a new series in which we spotlights people in film who have done so much good works that they get a lifetime pass from us.

top 10/must see

the next 10

interesting failures/for the adventurous

respected and admirable but not loved/diverting time-killers

most overrated



  1. There are so many of his movies I still have not seen yet. Tried what’s up, tiger lily and Annie Hall which I didn’t enjoy at all, but did like some of his newer stuff…

    Have been invited to go to a play based on some of his movies which I haven’t seen yet so will have to before I go there….

    • i think it’s important to keep in mind the year a film is made especially when watching older movies. and in both cases, what’s up tiger lily kind of inspired mystery science theatre and annie hall has been tributed, homaged, and ripped off so many times it’s hard to remember that at the time it was made, there wasn’t really a romantic comedy genre as we now know.

  2. I love this concept. Can’t wait to see who else gets the Lifetime Pass. Something tells me BRUCE is going to turn up here eventually…

    • bruce and nic cage, but there are still quite a few of their movies i haven’t seen. and a few other filmmakers.

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