Posted by: s. night screening | December 4, 2011

snights of the round table – round two

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saturday night screening
i know this is somewhat late but it has been on my mind ever since i read it:

eating your cultural vegetables

also related:

blogger syndrome: the pressure to review

i know my personal viewing habit certainly have changed since i started the blog. movies are picked more based on how it fits my blog than movies that i should see. there are movies that i definitely would have wanted to see (tree of life, hugo) but didn’t because i thought i should instead see a movie that i want to see on my blog. i know quite a few of us mostly focus on the direct to video/action/horror/rare type movies. so those movies are what i would pick first. it almost seems like a waste for me to watch movies that i don’t intend to write about.

at the same time, there are movies that i watched that i totally want to write about but feel like i need a second viewing or further research and study before i can write about them. i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels the same way.

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  1. As someone who knows Exploding Helicopter in the real world he WAS a jumped up snob (not sure about the chip) who has mellowed with age and become decidely human (most of the time).

    If only trashy 80’s action films with helicopters had this effect on everyone the world would be a much better place.

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