Posted by: s. night screening | November 21, 2011

links: justice review by she reviews flicks

here’s one of the first review (linked to the picture above) of the nicolas cage movie justice. it went by the name of seeking justice. the original title was the hungry rabbit jumps, which sounds more exciting than seeking justice or justice. although maybe they’ll use the old school NICOLAS CAGE is SEEKING JUSTICE on the poster when they finally decide to release it here in the u.s. it’s supposed to be released by anchor bay, who distributes mostly direct-to-video stuff. it co-stars guy pearce, jennifer carpenter (the u.s. version of [.rec], dexter‘s sister/ex-wife), and january jones (who either piss me off or bore me to sleep in mad men, and emma frost). it’ll probably get a small theatrical release and then dump to dvd like that p.o.s. trespass. sounds like it’s a bit more interesting that the usual vigilante/revenge/justice type movies. directed by roger donaldson, who has a better track record than fucking schumacher. like several cage movies in the last few years, it was shot in new orleans where he lives.

She Reviews Flicks



  1. Let it be said that Donaldson’s Getaway remake is a severely underrated and underappreciated gem.

    • i don’t remember much about it. i need to see the original.

      and the bank job got pretty decent reviews compare to most jason statham movie.

      based on what i’ve seen, cocktail is his worst movie.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this! Nic Cage and Guy Pearce are always good. Hopefully it comes to the U.S. soon.


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