Posted by: playingthedevil | February 27, 2011

5 10 15 20 (oscar 2011 edition)

it’s oscar night tonight where the “best” of 2010 is being recognized.  there are still plenty of 2010 movies we haven’t seen.  but i think i’m confident enough to post lists from the past.  the great thing about lists is that they don’t feel like writing.  and making a past list also gives me the benefits of revisionining, since the most interesting movies require time to sink in anyway(ok maybe not years). i’m sure if i were to make the same lists tomorrow it’ll be different.



sin city
kung fu hustle
a history of violence
kiss kiss bang bang

worst:  be cool

wonder boys
high fidelity
american psycho
the filth and the fury
legend of  the drunken master (drunken master ii)
state and main

hidden gems:  disney’s the kid, the whole nine yards, the contender, way of the gun, adrenaline drive, non-stop.

worst:  battlefield earth is hands down/no doubt the worst movie of the year, you man-animals.  but i can’t let former greats like john frankenheimer, brian de palma, and john woo go unnoticed with crapfests like reindeer game, mission to mars, and mission impossible ii.  there are also numerous waaaay overrated films like erin brockovich, requiem for a dream, gladiator, crouching tiger hidden dragon, o brother where art thou, almost famous, traffic, and cast away, from the same man who gave us what lies beneath that same year.  not to mention the toothless shaft remake and the community college remake of glengarry glen ross known as boiler room.  and yes, i (probably alone) prefer blair witch 2 to the first one.

swimming with sharks
the usual suspects
living in oblivion
seven aka se7en
mute witness
get shorty
kicking and screaming
leaving las vegas

worst:  while the consensus of the worsts of 95 are showgirls, judge dredd, waterworld…etc, i have to say, none of them annoy and offend me as much as the doom generation and empire record.   it’s a pretty good year in film.  i actually have to cut out about ten more movies from my ten best list.  there are also quite a few independent gems that were released in theatres, ones that would surely be d-t-v nowadays.

joe versus the volcano
the cook, the thief, his wife, her lover
total recall
gremlins 2:  the new batch
wild at heart
pump up the volume
die hard 2:  die harder

un certain regard:  brian de palma’s bonfire of the vanities is part amazing yet overall way too long.  in other words, it’s like most lesser de palma movies.  it is most definitely not the worst movie of that year.  but then i haven’t read the supposedly instant classic book.

worst:  besides bonfire, godfather iii, adventures of ford fairlane, the lambada movies were popular choices for wost of that year.  though i have to say, none of those is worse to me than pretty woman being a huge successful blockbuster, a film that eventually formularized the julia roberts, disney-ized love story between a rich guy and a hooker.  but we are still 5 years away from the real version that is leaving las vegas.

and of course, the best movie of  the last decade:

who doesn’t love a tall skinny long-faced guy in trenchcoat

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