Posted by: playingthedevil | October 22, 2010

suck – spooktoberfest 2010.9

it’s a fact that writers, mostly critics (at least headline writers), bloggers, and entertainment weekly loves (clever) wordplays or puns. so naming your movie suck seems to be setting someone else up for a punchline. but in this case, the film in question actually doesn’t. it probably has more to do with the generous nature of canadians.

as you probably figured, suck is a canadian vampire movie. it’s about an unknown band on its last leg trying to make it big. the plot essentially boils down to the fact that the more of them become vampires, the more popular they become. jennifer, the bassist, was the first one in the band to become a vampire. the band is also followed by a vampire hunter played by malcolm mcdowell, named eddie van helsing (hehe).

there are a lot of minor things to like in the movie. yet as a whole it doesn’t really satisfy. the plot is pretty thin and a lot of it probably seemed funnier on paper. but it does spare us all the usual vampire movie cliches: no vampire backstories, no prolonged scenes of vampire entrance, or how one becomes a vampire(although it may be because of budget). it does contains some blood and gore, though like the movie itself, they are of the low key/matter of fact canadian films variety. it doesn’t go for the easy targets or revel in blood and gore or special effects like your typical horror movie. the acting/musical performances are actually pretty good. the mcdowell backstory employed the same technique soderbergh used in the limey with terrence stamp and is actually quite moving. the numerous music montages are surprisingly tolerable, with songs ranging from dandy warhols-esque britpop to avril lavigne ballad. and for a movie about music, it doesn’t annoy me like, say, empire records or boring like velvet goldmine or the runaways. there are also numerous musician cameos with alice cooper, iggy pop, henry rollins and moby, in ascending quality. as per canada film law, there’s a role for a former kids in the hall. overall it’s a pretty brisk 91 minutes of a lightweight giddy vampire movie, which may not be the qualities some might want in a vampire flick. it does pique my interest in writer/director rob stefaniuk’s next movie, which, coming from me, is rare considering my apathy to most new genre filmmakers. suck makes a good redbox/netflix stream title for a slow night.

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