Posted by: fritzfedora | October 13, 2010

May – spooktoberfest 2010.7

This is my first in a series of reviews in honor of Halloween.  First up is May (2002), an independent horror film directed by Lucky McKee and starring Angela Bettis, Jeremy Sisto and Anna Faris- yes, Anna Faris.

This is actually a pretty good movie; I admit I didn’t approach it with the highest expectations, but it certainly holds up well.  The basic story is that Bettis plays a socially awkward, potentially mentally unstable veterinary assistant who tries to connect with people by making a friend and dating a man she likes.  However, this doesn’t exactly go as well as she hopes.

Bettis is suitably effective, creepy without going over the top.  She’s got a certain charm and likability that helps the viewer empathize with her.  Sisto and Faris are fine, but they don’t have as much to do.  It’s pretty much Bettis’ show.

It’s a short film, about 90 minutes or so, and it sufficiently builds a tense and foreboding atmosphere until the climax, in which May must come to terms with her inability to connect.  It’s a great ending, and the last shot in particular is certain to evoke some debate.  Personally, I think the final shot is appropriate in tone and delivery given the context of all that’s gone on before.  One of the more underappreciated horror films of the last decade.

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